Turks and Caicos Islands general election Results Live 2021 by district constituency Party Candidate
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Turks and Caicos Islands general election Results Live 2021 by district constituency Party Candidate

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Turks Caicos Islands general election Results Live 2021 by Party Candidate

Turks and Caicos Islands general election Dates 2021

General elections will be held in Turks and Caicos Islands on 19 Februrary 2021. Turks and Caicos Islands general election Dates 2021 is 19 Februrary and Turks and Caicos Islands General Election Result 2021 Would be announced by 16 december. The  Turks and Caicos Islands Elections Results Live by candidates, by party counting is taking place. Turks and Caicos Islands General Election Result 2021 By constituency and parties have been published and shows PDM winning with 399.  Population :  51,430  Area: 948 sq km)  Capital City: Cockburn Town on Grand Turk

Turks Caicos Islands general election Results Live 2021 by district Constituency Candidate (Live results been declared)  

PNP won 14 seats.

Party District     At-large     Total
  Votes % Seats Votes % Seats seats
Progressive National Party 3572 55.29 9 17105 56.25 5 14
People's Democratic Movement 2888 44.71 1 12127 39.88 0 1
Progressive Democratic Alliance 89 0.29 0 0
Independents 1090 3.58 0 0
Invalid/blank votes    
Total 6460 100 10 30411 100 5 15


Turks Caicos Islands general election Results Live 2016 by district Constituency Candidate (Live results been declared)  

  1. The Opposition PDM led by Sharlene Cartwright Robinson Wins
  2. Sharlene Cartwright Robinson would be the first female leader in TCI history.
  3. Opposition People’s Democratic Movement (PDM) won 7 of the 10 constituencies.
  4. PDM also won 4 out of 5 at large candidates.
  5. Cartwright Robinson won 3024 votes whereas PNP leader Premier could get only 2234 votes.
Party District At-large  
  Seats Votes % Seats seats
PDM 6 13822 47.28 4 10
PNP 3 10342 35.38 1 4
PDA 0 1117 3.82 0 0
Indep. 0 3952 13.52 0 0
Recount required 1 1
Total 10 29233 100 5 15
  1. Hon. Eddie Astwood wins his seat again.
  2. Counting in 2 districts going on. PDM winning and would be forming the government.

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(PDA) Kwame Odinga Smith 21
(PDM) Derek Rolle 273
(PNP) George Lightbourne 305
(PDA) Noel Terrence Skippings 66
(PDM) Edwin Astwood 399
(PNP) Arthur Lightbourne 276
(IND) Valerie Jennings 12
(PDA) Christopher Emanuel Hall 6
(PDM) Keno Shamado Forbes 69)
(PNP) Ruth Blackman 146
(IND) Mc Allister Eusene Hanchell 97
(PDM) Ralph Higgs 262
(PNP) Mark Fulford 201
(PDA) Calsada Carolie Johnson 17
(PDM) Ezra Ringo Tyrone Taylor 286
(PNP) Akierra Mary Deanne Missick 374
(PDA) Dozzlie McLom Delancy votes
(PDM) George C.D. Pratt votes
(PNP) Porsha Stubbs-Smith votes
(PDA) Charles Delancy 43
(PDM) Douglas Parnell 451
(PNP) Amanda Misick 347
(PDA) Ciclyn Been 37
(PDM) Mixmillian Goldray Ewing 366
(PNP) Claudine Ewing-Pratt 267
(PDA) Bobbie D. Chambers 15
(PDM) Sean Rickard Astwood 465
(PNP) Rachel Marshall Taylor 264
(PDM) Vaden Delroy Williams 305
(PNP) Dameko Canez Dean 173
(IND) Hudson James Parker 23


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Turks and Caicos Islands elections Details

  1. Head of State – Inherited monarchy with a Governor appointed by the British Monarch
  2. Head of Government – Chief Minister appointed by Governor
  3. Structure of Parliament   – Unicameral Legislative Council with 19 seats
  4. Electoral Law   – Constitution of Turks and Caicos Islands
  5. Constituencies  – 13 single-member constituencies
  6. Voting System  – In the Legislative Council, 13 members are elected by simple majority in single-member constituencies and 3 members are appointed by the governor, the government, and the opposition. The remaining 3 seats are reserved for the Speaker of the House, the Chief Secretary, and the Attorney General. All members serve 4-year terms.

Turks and Caicos Islands elections Political Parties and Candidates

  1. People's Democratic Movement (PDM)    Sharlene CARTWRIGHT-ROBINSON – WON
  2. Progressive National Party (PNP)    Rufus Washington EWING
  3. Progressive Democratic Alliance (PDA)    Oswald SKIPPINGS

Government Structure:

  • Chief of State: Queen ELIZABETH II *
  • Assembly: Turks and Caicos Islands has a unicameral House of Assembly with 19 seats.

* The Queen is represented by Governor Peter BECKINGHAM

Candidates for 2021 Electionsturks-and-caicos-elections

ED1: Grand Turk North ROLLE, Derek Lightbourne, George Alexander* SMITH, Kwame Odinga  
ED2: Grand Turk South & Salt Cay ASTWOOD, Edwin* Lightbourn, Arthur Jonathan SKIPPINGS, Noel Terrence JENNINGS, Valerie
ED3: South Caicos FORBES, Keno Shamado BLACKMAN, Ruth HALL, Christopher Emanuel HANCHELL, Mc Allister Eusene
ED4: North & Middle Caicos HIGGS, Ralph FULFORD, Mark Anthony
ED5: Leeward, Providenciales TAYLOR, Ezra Ringo Tyrone MISSICK, Akierra Mary Deanne* JOHNSON, Calsada Carolie
ED6: The Bight, Providenciales PRATT, George C.D. STUBBS-SMITH, Porsha Monique* DELANCY, Dozzlie McLom
ED7: Cheshire Hall & Richmond Hill, Providenciales PARNELL, Douglas MISICK, Amanda Anisha* DELANCY, Charles
ED8: Blue Hills, Providenciales EWING, Goldray Mixmillian* EWING-PRATT, Claudine Melvern BEEN, Ciclyn
ED9: Five Cays, Providenciales ASTWOOD, Sean Rickard* MARSHALL TAYLOR, Rachel Chambers, Bobbie D.
ED10: Wheeland, Providenciales WILLIAMS, Valden Delroy* DEAN, Dameko Canez PARKER, Hudson James
All Island District

CartWright ROBINSON, Sharlene**

EWING, Rufus Washington** Skippings, Oswald MISICK, Michael
(5 elected at-large) MALCOLM, Karen Evadne MISICK, Charles Washington* SWANN, Herbert Andrew Jr. WILSON, Damian
  CONNOLLY, Josephine Olivia* GARDINER, Ricardo Don-Hue* CLARKE-CALCANO, Shirley Louise SELVER, Clarence Wesley
  TAYLOR, Derek Hugh* MALCOLM, John HARVEY, Samuel Loitis GREEN, Sabrina Elizabeth
  BENN, Robert A. Jr. WILSON, Sheba Latrice   FORBES, Oscar O'Brien
        WALKIN, Jasmin
        MISSICK, Courtney

Electoral system:

  • The Premier is appointed by the governor to serve a 4-year term.
  • In the House of Assembly, 10 members are elected by plurality vote in single-member constituencies to serve 4-year terms and 5 members are elected by plurality vote in multi-member constituencies to serve 4-year terms.***

Turks and Caicos Islands Election Results 2012

Party Leader District At-large Total +/–
Votes % Seats Votes % Seats seats
People's Democratic Movement Oswald Skippings 3,164 50.13 4 15,431 50.71 3 7 5
Progressive National Party Rufus Ewing 2,833 44.87 6 14,764 48.52 2 8 –5
People's Progressive Party Harold Charles 310 4.91 0 0 New
Independents 4 0.06 0 233 0.77 0 0 0
Invalid/blank votes 82  
Total 6,393 100 10 30,428 100 5 15 0
Source: TCI News, TCI News

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