Czech Republic Presidential election 2018 voting live

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Czech Republic Presidential election 2018 Results Voting Live

Czech Republic Presidential election Dates 2018

Czech Republic Presidential election Date: 31 January 2018

Former Czech Prime Minister Miloš Zeman was elected the President of the Czech Republic in 2013, defeating Minister of Foreign Affairs Karel Schwarzenberg in the country's first direct presidential elections. All previous presidential elections were indirect.

According to polls conducted in 2016, Zeman is the front-runner and his chances of re-election are considered high, although it was speculated that Zeman's candidacy would be determined by his health. Zeman announced his candidacy on 9 March 2017. His bid may receive support from the Czech Social Democratic Party (ČSSD) and ANO 2011. Some commentators have speculated that Zeman could be elected in the first round.

Zdeněk Škromach was the first candidate to announce his intention to run, in 2015. In response, Tomáš Halík announced that he would run for president if Škromach did. This led former president Václav Klaus to announce that he would run against Halík if he was running without a strong rival.Halík later decided not to run.

Czech Republic Presidential election Voting Live 2018 

1.A presidential election will be held in the Czech Republic on 12–13 January 2018, with a runoff to be held on 26–27 January 2018 if required.

2.The incumbent president Miloš Zeman is standing for re-election. Jiří Drahoš, Mirek Topolánek and Michal Horáček are considered his main rivals..

3.In order to qualify for the ballot, candidates must gather 50,000 signatures from citizens, or the support of twenty Deputies or ten Senators. The candidates must file their applications and signatures 66 days before the election, following which the Interior Ministry will verify a sample of the signatures.

Electoral system of Czech Republic

The 200 members of the Chamber of Deputies are elected from 14 multi-member constituencies (each usually electing between 5 and 25 members) using open list proportional representation, in which they can give preferential votes for up to four candidates on their chosen list. Seats are allocated using the d'Hondt method, with an electoral threshold of single 5% for parties, 10% for two-party alliances, 15% for three-party alliances and 20% for alliances of four or more party alliances. Candidates who receive preferential votes from more than 5% of voters are moved to the top of their list, and in cases where more than one candidate receives over 5% of the preferential votes, they are ranked in order of votes received.

Candidates for Czech Republic Presidential election

Name Party
Jiří Hynek REAL
Vratislav Kulhánek ODA
Mirek Topolánek Independent, Support: ODS
Miloš Zeman SPO

Czech Republic Parties and leaders

  • ANO 2011 
  • Civic Democratic Party 
  • Czech Pirate Party 
  • Freedom and Direct Democracy 
  • Communist Party 
  • Czech Social Democratic Party 
  • Christian and Democratic Union – Czechoslovak People's Party 
  • TOP 09 



    Czech Republic past election results 

    Candidate Party First round Second round
    Votes % Votes %
    Miloš Zeman Party of Civic Rights – Zemanovci 1,245,848 24.21 2,717,405 54.80
    Karel Schwarzenberg TOP 09 1,204,195 23.40 2,241,171 45.20
    Jan Fischer Independent 841,437 16.35  
    Jiří Dienstbier Jr. Czech Social Democratic Party 829,297 16.12
    Vladimír Franz Independent 351,916 6.84
    Zuzana Roithová KDU-ČSL 255,045 4.95
    Táňa Fischerová Key Movement 166,211 3.23
    Přemysl Sobotka Civic Democratic Party 126,846 2.46
    Jana Bobošíková Suverenita 123,171 2.39
    Total valid votes 5,143,966 99.53 4,958,576 99.5
    Invalid votes 24,195 0.47 24,905 0.5
    Total 5,168,161 100 4,983,481 100
    Registered voters/turnout 8,435,522 61.31 8,434,648 59.11

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