Maltese House of Representatives 2018 voting live

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Maltese House of Representatives 2018 Results Voting Live

Maltese House of Representatives Dates 2018

Maltese House of Representatives : 20 JUNE 2018

The Parliament of Malta (Maltese: Parlament ta' Malta) is the constitutional legislative body in Malta, located in Valletta. The parliament is unicameral, with a democratically elected House of Representatives and the President of Malta. By Constitutional law, all government ministers, including the Prime Minister, must be members of the House of Representatives.

Between 1921 and 1933 the Parliament was bicameral, consisting of a Senate as well as a Legislative Assembly.

Maltese House of Representatives 2018 Voting live


Maltese House of Representatives Voting Live 2018 

1.The House of Representatives (Maltese: Kamra tad-Deputati) is the unicameral legislature of Malta and a component of the Parliament of Malta. The House is presided over by the Speaker of the House. The President of Malta is appointed for a five-year term by a resolution of the House.

2.The House is composed of an odd number of members elected for one legislative term of five years. Ordinarily, five members are returned from each of thirteen electoral districts using the single transferable vote electoral system but additional members are elected in cases of dis-proportionality (where a party with an absolute majority of votes fails to win an absolute majority of seats and where only candidates from two parties are elected).

Electoral system of Malta

 Malta is a parliamentary democracy which elects 65 members to its House of Representatives.

 The members are elected from thirteen 5-seat constituencies (districts) for a term of 5 years.

 The electoral system used is that of proportional representation by means of the Single     Transferrable Vote.

 All citizens above the age of 18 and whose name is published in the latest Electoral Register before 
  the General Election is held are eligible to vote.

Candidates for House of Representatives election


Malta  Parties and leaders 

Labour Party,Nationalist Party,Democratic Party

Malta past election results 

Parties Votes % Change Seats Change
Nationalist Party (Partit Nazzjonalista) 143,468 49.34 –2.5 35 ±0
Malta Labour Party (Partit Laburista) 141,888 48.79 +0.8 34 +4
Democratic Alternative (Alternattiva Demokratika) 3,810 1.31 +0.6
National Action (Azzjoni Nazzjonali) 1,461 0.50 +0.0
Imperium Europa 84 0.03 +0.0
Gozitan Party (Partit Għawdxi) 37 0.01 +0.0
Independents (Indipendenti) 22 0.01 +0.0
Alpha Liberal Democrats (Alfa Liberali Demokratiku) 21 0.01 +0.0
Forward Malta (Forza Malta) 8 0.00 +0.0
Invalid/blank votes 3,415
Total 294,214 100.0   69 +4
Registered voters/turnout 315,357 93.3

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