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National Election Committee President Sik Bunhok, center, speaks at a news Cambodia’s top election body will take legal action against groups that conduct or publish opinion polls in the two weeks leading up to June 4 commune elections.

The ban on surveys will begin on May 20 and continue through the vote, according to National Election Committee (NEC) spokesman Hang Puthea.

But Mr. Puthea said on Sunday the NEC is the only body that is both independent and authorized to release election results, adding that voters would get confused if other organizations put out polling data ahead of election day.

Mr. Puthea justified the ban by saying opinion polls would threaten the NEC’s mandate to organize credible, democratic elections.


Article 72 of the Law on the Election of Members of the National Assembly requires that “all surveys and dissemination of the survey findings related to the election shall come to an end 7 (seven) days before the polling day.”

Surveys predicting which political party will win the election “create confusion and chaos in society,” Hang Puthea said, adding that only the NEC is authorized to announce the official results of the vote.

Once the NEC issues its prohibition on opinion polls, any institution violating the ban “will face legal action,” Hang Puthea said, without elaborating on what punitive measures might be taken.

The NEC announcement followed an opinion poll recently published by local media that claimed the opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) would win up to 60 percent of commune chief positions up for grabs in this year’s election. Ruling Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) spokesperson Sok Ey San has called the survey “a trick meant to confuse public opinion and discredit the CPP.”

Cambodia Communal elections  Results Live 2017


A preliminary result would be announed by Monday but the official final results will be announced on June 25.

1,646 Commune Chiefs – 11,572 Commune Councillors
Registered – 7,865,033
Turnout – 6,743,329 (85.7%),  20.6%

The opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) won 11 out of the first 80 communes for which results were declared.

Acc to preliminary results CNRP won 46 % of the communes





Votes % Communes
Cambodian People's Party      
Cambodia National Rescue Party     11
League for Democracy Party      
Khmer National United Party      
Beehive Social Democratic Party      
Grassroots Democracy Party      
Khmer Power Party      
Cambodian Nationality Party      
Republican Democracy Party      
Cambodian Youth Party      
Cambodian Indigenous Democracy Party      
Invalid/blank votes      
Total 6743329 100 1646
Registered voters/turnout 7865033 85.7