Live: US Election Results 2016 By Party Candidates , US election Result 2016 8 November, US polls Live result by party, 2016 US Presidential Polls Result, 2016 election predictions , US election 2016,

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Live: US Election Results 2016 By Party Candidates , US election Result 2016 8 November, US polls Live result by party, 2016 US Presidential Polls Result, 2016 election predictions , US election 2016

The United States presidential election of 2016, scheduled for Tuesday, November 8, 2016, will be the 58th quadrennial U.S. presidential election.

Voters will select presidential electors, who in turn will vote for a new president and vice president through the Electoral College. The term limit established in the Twenty-second Amendment to the United States Constitution prevents the incumbent president, Barack Obama of the Democratic Party, from being elected to a third term. The 2016 election will determine the 45th President and 48th Vice President of the United States.

Live: US presidential election Polling 2016 Candidates Winner Votes Live: US Presidential Election Results 2016 By State  County district

LIVE Highlights and Updates of US Presidential Election 2016:

Donald Trump won the US Presidential Election 2016

  Hillary Clinton Donald Trump
Electoral Votes 232 306(Winner)


States Democrats Republicans Electoral Votes
 Alabama    Won 9
 Arizona    Won 11
 Arkansas    Won 6
 California  Won   55
 Colorado  Won   9
 Connecticut     Won   7
 Delaware  Won   3
 District of Columbia  Won   3
 Florida    Won 29
 Georgia    Won 16
 Idaho    Won 4
 Illinois  Won   20
 Indiana    Won 11
 Iowa    Won 6
 Kansas    Won 6
 Kentucky    Won 8
 Louisiana    Won 8
 Maryland  Won   10
 Massachetts Won   11
 Mississippi    Won 6
 Missouri    Won 10
 Montana    Won 3
 New Hampshire     
 New Jersey  Won   14
New Mexico    Won   5
 New York  Won   29
 North Carolina  Won 15
 North Dakota    Won 3
 Ohio    Won 18
 Oklahoma    Won 7
 Oregon  Won   7
 Rhode Island Won   4
 South Carolina    Won 9
 South Dakota  Won 3
 Tennessee    Won 11
 Texas    Won 38
 Utah    Won 6
 Vermont  Won   3
 Virginia  Won   13
 Washington     Won   12
 West Virginia    Won 5
 Wyoming    Won 3

What time will we know who the winner is?
From about 3:00pm AEDT tomorrow

  1. Donald Trump won the US Presidential Election 2016
  2. Republicans won the US Senate
  3. Republicans won the US House
  4. Canada's Immigration Site Crashed After Donald Trump Was Projected to Win US Elections
  5. Polls opened in Florida, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina and part of Tennessee 30 mins ago. Seventeen states in total now open and voting.
  6. Republican nominee Donald Trump wraps up his final rally as America heads to the polls.
  7. Find Your Polling Place Here
  8. Chanakya the fish opted for the Republican candidate Donald Trump for US Polls.
  9. In Millsfield, NH. Trump – 16 , Clinton – 4 , Write-in Bernie Sanders (1)
  10. Hillary Clinton wins early vote in tiny New Hampshire town by a 4-2 margin over Donald Trump.
  11. The first polling stations close on the East Coast at 7:00 pm (0000 GMT Wednesday), and the last far out in Alaska at 0600 GMT Wednesday.
  12. The drama begins at 0000 GMT when polling stations close in Georgia, South Carolina, Vermont, Indiana and Kentucky.
  13. Progress made by US will go down if Clinton doesn't win: Barack Obama
  14. Trump on groping charges: Nobody respects women the way I do, accusations of groping all lies, started by Hillary campaign
  15. Trump to Hillary: She and Obama gave us ISIS
  16. Hillary: Trump thinks belittling women makes him bigger, we all know how he thinks about women.
  17. Lady Gaga has been speaking in support of Hillary Clinton in Raleigh, North Carolina.
  18. New Rueters Ipsos poll – Hillary Clinton 'has 90 per cent chance of winning'
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A Look at the canddates:

Republican Nominee Republican VP Nominee
Donald Trump Mike Pence
Chairman and president of The Trump Organization Governor (Indiana)
Democratic Nominee Democratic VP Nominee
Hillary Clinton Tim Kaine
Former US Secretary of State US Senator (Virginia)
Libertarian Party Nominee Libertarian Party VP Nominee
Gary Johnson Bill Weld
Former Governor (R-New Mexico) Former Governor (R-Massachusetts)
Green Party Nominee Green Party VP Nominee
Jill Stein Ajamu Baraka
Doctor and political activist Human Rights activist



















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