Somalia Presidential elections Result 2016 Dates candidates opinion Party
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Somalia Presidential elections Result 2016 Dates candidates opinion Party


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Somalia parliamentary elections 2016 Dates 

Somalia's electoral commission chairman, said this week that the presidential election would likely be held in December. He gave no precise date.

The Upper House be elected on 10 October, with voting taking place for the Lower House elected between 23 October and 10 November 2016.They will be the first elections since 1984, and it is scheduled that the new Parliament will elect the President on 30 November.

Electoral system 

The 54 members members of the Upper House will be elected by the state assemblies.The 275 members of the Lower House will be elected by 14,025 delegates from different regions in the country.Each MP will be elected by an electoral college of 51 people appointed by the 135 Traditional Elders.From the 51 delegates 16 are supposed to be women, 10 from the youth community and the remaining 25 are members of the civil society. From the 275 MPs, 69 Mps will be chosen in Baidoa while the remaining will hail from other cities.

When will the President be elected?

The President will be elected on 30 November by members of both Houses of Parliament, in accordance with the Provisional Federal Constitution.

How are the electoral colleges delegates appointed?

The delegates are selected by the 135 Traditional Elders in consultation with sub-clan elders (nabadoonand samadoono) and represent all sub-clans sharing the respective seat.

Will everyone be able to vote in the upcoming 2016 electoral process?

No. The 2016 electoral process is not a universal suffrage election, as conditions are not yet in place for a one-person, one-vote ballot. Instead, a system of indirect elections will take place to identify the 275 MPs.

In particular, 275 electoral colleges, each consisting of 51 delegates selected by the 135 Traditional Elders, will elect the 275 members of the House of the People of the Federal Parliament of Somalia. A total of 14,025 delegates will be selected.

Where will the electoral colleges be located?

The voting will take place in the state capitals or seats of government of the existing and emerging federal member states, i.e. Cadaado, Baidoa, Garowe, and Kismaayo, as well as in Mogadishu for Benadir and Somalilanders.  The location for the election of members of Parliament from Hiraan and Middle Shabelle regions is yet to be decided.


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