Italian Senate election 2018 voting live

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 Italian Senate election 2018 Results Voting Live

Italian Senate election Dates 2018

Italian Senate election Date: 31 December 2018

The Senate of the Republic (Italian: Senato della Repubblica) is a house of the bicameral Italian Parliament (the other being the Chamber of Deputies). The two houses together form a perfect bicameral system, meaning they perform identical functions, but do so separately. Pursuant to Articles 57, 58, and 59 of the Italian Constitution, the Senate has a variable number of members, of which 309 are elected from Italian constituencies, 6 from Italian citizens living abroad, and a small number (currently 5) are senators for life (senatori a vita), either appointed or ex officio. It was established in its current form on 8 May 1948, but previously existed during the Kingdom of Italy as Senato del Regno(Senate of the Kingdom), itself a continuation of the Senato Subalpino (Subalpine Senate) of Sardinia established on 8 May 1848.

Italian Senate 2018 Voting live

Italian Senate Voting Live 2018 

1.The Senate consists of 315 elected members, and as of 2016 five senators for life. The elected senators must be over 40 years of age and are elected by Italian citizens aged 25 or older.

2.The Senate (except for six senators who represent Italians residing abroad and the senators for life) is elected on a regional basis. The 309 senators are assigned to each region proportionally according to their population. However, Article 57 of the Constitution provides that no region can have fewer than seven senators representing it, except for the Aosta Valley (which has one) and Molise (which has two).

Electoral system of Italy 

The new electoral law was supported by the Democratic Party and his government ally Popular Alternative, but also by the opposition parties Forza Italia, Lega Nord and Liberal Popular Alliance. Despite many protests from the Five Star Movement, the Democratic and Progressive Movement, Italian Left and Brothers of Italy, the electoral law was approved on 12 October by the Chamber of Deputies with 375 votes in favour and 215 against, and on 26 October by the Senate with 214 votes against 61.

Candidates for Italian Senate election


Italy Parties and leaders 

Democratic Party,Five Star Movement,Forward Italy, Popular Alternative

Italy past election results 

Coalition Party Votes % Seats
  Pier Luigi Bersani: Italy. Common Good   Democratic Party 8,400,255 27.43 105
  Left Ecology Freedom 912,374 2.97 7
  Democratic Centre 163,427 0.53 0
  The Megaphone – Crocetta List 138,581 0.45 1
  Italian Socialist Party 57,688 0.18 0
  Moderates 14,358 0.04 0
Total 9,686,683 31.63 113
  Silvio Berlusconi: Centre-right coalition   The People of Freedom 6,829,373 22.30 98
  Lega Nord 1,328,555 4.33 17
  Brothers of Italy 590,083 1.92 0
  The Right 221,112 0.72 0
  Pensioners' Party 123,458 0.40 0
  Great South 122,100 0.39 1
  Moderates in Revolution 69,649 0.22 0
  Party of Sicilians-MPA 48,618 0.15 0
  People's Agreement 24,979 0.08 0
  Popular Construction 21,685 0.07 0
  Stop Taxes 19,298 0.06 0
  Free for a Fair Italy 6,769 0.02 0
Total 9,405,679 30.71 116
  Beppe Grillo: Five Star Movement 7,285,850 23.79 54
  Mario Monti: With Monti for Italy 2,797,486 9.13 18
  Antonio Ingroia: Civil Revolution 549,987 1.79 0
  Oscar Giannino: Act to Stop the Decline 278,396 0.90 0