Welsh UK Local elections 2017 live Voting Dates Opinion Exit Poll Candidates
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Welsh UK Local elections 2017 live Voting Dates Opinion Exit Poll Candidates

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Welsh UK Local elections 2017 Results Voting Live Dates Opinion Exit Poll

Welsh Local elections Dates 2017

National Local elections Date: 4 May 2017 

The 2017 Welsh local elections will be held on Thursday 4 May 2017.

Local elections will be held across Great Britain, with elections to English, Welsh, and Welsh councils, as well as elections for the newly created English Regional Mayors.

UK Snap Election 2017 Dates

UK Snap Election 2017 Candidates

Welsh Local elections Results Live 2017

England Council Election Results Live 2017 – 35 Council Results

Scottish Council Election Results Live 2017 – 35 Council Results

Welsh Council Election Results Live 2017 – 35 Council Results


With the results available from 17 councils
4,851 council seats are being contested. Voters will be choosing six new metro mayors
CON win control of five councils
Labour lose two councils in Blaenau Gwent and Bridgend

UK Local Elections Results Live 2017 by Council



Councils Seats +/-
Conservative 28 1899 563
Labour 9 1152 382
Liberal Democrat 0 441 42
SNP 0 431 7
Plaid Cymru 1 202 33
Green 0 21 1
Scottish Green 0 19 5
RA 0 11 2
Llais Gwynedd 0 6 7
Mebyon Kernow 0 4  
Health Concern 0 2 1
UKIP 0 1 145
Liberal 0 0 3
Independent 6 656 13
No overall control 44 n/a n/a

Welsh Local Elections Results Live 2017 by Council 



Councils Seats +/-
Labour 7 472 107
Plaid Cymru 1 202 33
Conservative 1 184 80
Liberal Democrat 0 62 11
Llais Gwynedd 0 6 7
Green 0 1 1
UKIP 0 0 2
Independent 3 322 13
No overall control 10 n/a n/a


Welsh Councils Local Election results 2017 Live



Result Details
Isle of Anglesey No overall control Details
Blaenau Gwent Independent Details
Bridgend No overall control Details
Caerphilly Labour Details
Cardiff Labour Details
Carmarthenshire No overall control Details
Ceredigion No overall control Details
Conwy No overall control Details
Denbighshire No overall control Details
Flintshire No overall control Details
Gwynedd Plaid Cymru Details
Merthyr Tydfil Independent Details
Monmouthshire Conservative Details
Neath Port Talbot Labour Details
Newport Labour Details
Pembrokeshire Independent Details
Powys No overall control Details
Rhondda Cynon Taff Labour Details
Swansea Labour Details
Torfaen Labour Details
Vale of Glamorgan No overall control Details
Wrexham No overall control Details

Welsh Local elections Voting Live 2017 

Welsh Local elections will take place on thursday morning 7 am.

  1.  All 22 Welsh councils,
  2. In total, 4,851 council seats are up for election. According to a BBC News estimate, the major political parties are defending the following numbers of council seats on election day:

Labour – 1,535 seats
Conservatives – 1,136 seats
Lib Dems – 484 seats
SNP – 438 seats
Plaid Cymru – 170 seats
UKIP – 146 seats
Green Party – 34 seats

There are also 687 independent councillors and 4 Mebyon Kernow councillors. The remaining 217 seats are held by residents' associations and minor parties

Electoral system of UK

There are six types of elections in the UK: elections to theHouse of Commons of the Welsh, elections to devolved parliaments and assemblies, elections to the European Parliament, local elections, mayoral elections and Police and Crime Commissioner elections. Within each of those categories, there may be by-elections as well as general elections. Elections are held on Election Day, which is conventionally a Thursday. Since the passing of the Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011 for general elections, all six types of elections are held after fixed periods, though early elections to parliament and the devolved assemblies and parliaments can occur in certain situations. Currently, six electoral systems are used: the single member plurality system (first past the post), the multi member plurality system, party-list proportional representation, the single transferable vote, the additional member system and the supplementary vote.


Opinion Poll for Welsh Local elections 2017
















Polling organisation/client Sample size PC Lab Con
24 Apr YouGov   19.00% 28.00% 26.00%

Welsh Local Election Parties and leaders

Conservative Party, Co-operative Party, Democratic Unionist Party, Labour Party, Democrats, Plaid, Social Democratic and Labour Party, Ulster Unionist Party.



Welsh Councils Local Elections 2017

Individual county councils

All 22 county councils for areas with a two-tier structure of local governance will have all of their seats up for election. These will be first-past-the-post elections in a mixture of single-member and multi-member electoral divisions.

Council Previous control
Isle of Anglesey No overall control
Blaenau Gwent Labour
Bridgend Labour
Caerphilly Labour
Cardiff Labour
Carmarthenshire No overall control
Ceredigion No overall control
Conwy No overall control
Denbighshire No overall control
Flintshire No overall control
Gwynedd No overall control
Merthyr Tydfil Labour
Monmouthshire No overall control
Neath Port Talbot Labour
Newport Labour
Pembrokeshire Independent
Powys Independent
Rhondda Cynon Taff Labour
Swansea Labour
Torfaen Labour
Vale of Glamorgan No overall control
Wrexham No overall control

United Kingdom Local elections 2017 Results Dates Voting Opinion Poll


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